hurricane dorian

A new inspector general report says the Trump administration may have undercut public trust in weather warnings and even hindered public safety -- all over a tweet.
The CNN anchor likened the president's "ego being placed above science" in the pandemic to his hurricane response.
The Bahamas Petroleum Company hopes to start drilling the first well, just 150 miles off the coast of South Florida, as soon as April.
A top National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration official called the president's behavior “crazy.”
The trio of survivors are back home on North Carolina's Cedar Island, where their herd of "sea cows" freely roams.
The cows managed to swim five miles to a barrier island where they lived off the land.
After the president wrongly warned that Hurricane Dorian would hit Alabama, federal scrambled to get correct info out to the state's panicking residents.
Climate-fueled storms pose an increased threat to reefs already facing a slew of environmental challenges.
Nearly a million gallons of oil spilled at an Equinor storage terminal during the Category 5 hurricane. The cleanup is ongoing.
Residents of this island of 50,000 people have met total devastation with strength and resilience.