hurricane ian

Michigan man Steven Pringle died in a crash after driving through an intersection in Punta Gorda, Florida, that was missing a stop sign due to the storm.
Damages from the category 1 storm exceeded those from the much stronger Hurricane Ian in September, Volusia County officials said.
Recent reports spark serious concern over vehicle safety following saltwater flooding.
Lee County, walloped by the storm, has reported 26 new infections of what's sometimes called "flesh-eating" bacteria within 18 days.
The Republican governor, who is up for reelection, has made tightening election laws a top priority over the last two years.
The Florida governor appeared headed toward a victory of just a few percentage points before the storm, but now could win with a double-digit margin.
“If we know people are at risk, why aren’t we doing more to help them?”
The number of storm-related deaths rose to at least 101 on Thursday, eight days after the storm made landfall in southwest Florida.
"The Tonight Show" host joked about the Florida governor after he met with Biden on Wednesday.
He made the comment during what looked like a laid-back exchange with Fort Myers Beach's mayor while touring the area damaged by Hurricane Ian.