Hurricane Katrina

Floodwaters and fear shaped the earliest memories of high school seniors in New Orleans. Now they’re graduating in the middle of another major crisis for their city.
”I don’t believe he know what the hell he’s talking about,” retired Lt. Gen. Russel Honoré said of Donald Trump's son-in-law.
Russel Honoré said the Trump administration "could have done better and can do better."
Former Republican Rep. David Jolly hit Trump with a Hurricane Katrina analogy.
“It’s a total executive failure by an incompetent executive," said the Democratic presidential candidate.
Blanco was Louisiana's first elected female governor.
Tropical Storm Barry is forecast to hit the city unusually early in the hurricane season, just as the Mississippi River is reaching abnormally high levels.
The strengthening storm is expected to blow ashore early Saturday near Morgan City as the first hurricane of the season.
“There are three ways that Louisiana can flood: storm surge, high rivers and rain,” Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards said. “We’re going to have all three.”