hurricane katrina anniversary

As I observed Bonnie Allen's advocacy work, I learned the importance of building key strategic partnerships in order to address inequities and eradicate marginalization. Allen provides inspiration for attorneys to leverage their leadership skills to advance social change.
With opinions surrounding Katrina as widely colored and as deeply layered as our king cakes during carnival season, I did my best not to go into the interview series with a predetermined angle or scope for fear of skewing the story through confirmation bias.
Brown didn't take responsibility for the mistakes of the past. His love letter to himself was about all of the ways he was wronged or misunderstood. His regrets seems to revolve around not more accurately predicting how the media and congressional investigators would spin his words, take what he said out of context, or lay blame at his door.
The hurricane exposed not only race and class fault lines, but the odious fault lines of heterosexism and faith-based privilege. LGBTQ evacuees, many of whom are now displaced, faced all kinds of discrimination at the hands of many of the faith-based relief agencies.
I spoke with Wendell Pierce - most famous for his HBO series roles in The Wire and Treme - on the closing weekend of Brothers from the Bottom, a critically-acclaimed play about gentrification in New Orleans after the storm, in which Pierce played a lead role both on stage and in production.
"A celebration would not be the right gesture for those who will never be made whole"
A decade ago, Hurricane Katrina forced Nebraska's quarterback from his home. As the nation marks an anniversary, he's only focused on producing his biggest season yet.