Hurricane Lane

In 2018, record-breaking wildfires and historic levels of rain have hit the U.S.
"Because Lane wasn’t a direct hit, and Miriam and Norman bypassed the islands, people may start to feel like we’re safe."
A weather station near Hilo, Hawaii, measured 51.5 inches of rain this past week.
Tropical Storm Lane may be less intense, but excessive rain means Hawaii isn't in the clear just yet.
The former secretary of state had a genius reply to the conspiracy theory involving himself and a gigantic energy beam.
Between Michael Cohen’s guilty plea and Paul Manafort’s conviction, it was a disaster of a week for Donald Trump.
Lane may have been downgraded, but officials say it will remain hurricane-strength and dangerous as it moves closer to the islands.
The Category 4 storm is swirling toward Hawaii.
Residents scrambled to gather emergency supplies and food before the storm arrives.