Hurricane Laura

The storm is threatening to push up to 9 feet of sea water inland in the Gulf Coast region, with New Orleans squarely in its path.
Swarms of skeeters are biting horses, deer and cattle and leaving them anemic and bleeding under their skins.
“We can’t depend on the president. We can’t depend on nobody,” one hurricane survivor said.
President Trump toured the damage in Louisiana and Texas on Saturday as the death toll from the hurricane rose to 16.
The Confederate monument made it through a vote, but Hurricane Laura brought it down anyway.
The president, meanwhile, praises Vice President Mike Pence's convention speech after getting a fill on the "deaths and injuries" caused by Hurricane Laura.
The California wildfires and Hurricane Laura highlight the disparities in the Trump administration’s disaster responses.
It was one of the strongest hurricanes ever to strike the U.S.
The powerful storm made landfall over a major industry hub, but experts don't expect companies to change course as a result.
Hurricane Laura’s torrential rain and destructive winds are battering the Gulf Coast.