Hurricane Maria

After days of protests, Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló has answered calls to resign.
Gov. Ricardo Rosselló has refused to step down after leaked messages between him and other officials sparked outrage last week.
A physician married to a psychologist got very sick. As expenses mount, these providers are experiencing the woes of American health care from the other side.
After Hurricane María plunged Vieques into darkness, Tesla's arrival heralded the dawn of a microgrid future. But it wasn't that easy.
“The communities in the diaspora in Florida, in Chicago, in New York and Connecticut, they just came through.”
At a rally in Florida, President Donald Trump spread more anti-Puerto Rico rhetoric.
The president told supporters at his rally that Puerto Rico received more hurricane disaster relief than states like Florida.
“The government has done some things back home that are great, but we still have a long ways to go," Alex Cora said.
The community’s low turnout rate helped Republicans win two key races in last year’s midterms.
Since the devastating hurricane in Puerto Rico, President Trump has repeatedly ridiculed the island’s crisis.
“It’s not ‘us’ vs ‘them,’” Ricardo Rosselló wrote on Twitter. “It’s about Americans in need.”
Trump lashes out against Americans devastated by Hurricane Maria, just a month after promising Alabama tornado victims that he had ordered “A Plus” treatment for them.
“Puerto Rico has been taken care of better by Donald Trump than by any living human being,” the president said of himself.
Gov. Ricardo Rosselló said the White House treats Puerto Ricans like "second-class citizens" and Trump is getting the wrong data.
The Puerto Rican island of Vieques is still struggling after the hurricanes of 2017, but its most famous tree offers hope.
During his tenure, Long came under fire for improperly using government resources and mishandling the Hurricane Maria response.
Accusing lawmakers of treating Puerto Ricans "differently than other U.S. citizens," the governor requested more federal assistance to help the island bounce back.
Axios reported that the president was even hoping to demand some of the relief money back.
Puerto Ricans have been steadily turning central Florida blue for a decade. But Maria built a network that has mobilized the diaspora like never before.