Hurricane Michael

More than 10,000 acres have been burned from the blazes. Local officials say 72 million tons of destroyed trees from 2018's Hurricane Michael are feeding the flames.
The deadly Hurricane Michael upended residents' lives, but they're not blaming the president for the long delay in federal aid.
The president told supporters at his rally that Puerto Rico received more hurricane disaster relief than states like Florida.
"When you don’t have a home, you have no sense of safety, no sense of belonging, no security."
The storms created a toxic soup that may have overwhelmed nearly 650,000 wells in the Southeast.
“We need to do a better of job of making sure that the safety net reaches everybody that’s been impacted."
Electric, water and sewer service is still lacking in some areas more than two weeks after the hurricane passed through.
Most Americans don't have enough money in the bank to afford even a minor emergency.
The storm plowed into the state's panhandle more than a week ago.
Thousands of Floridians are living in primitive conditions without water and power.