I tried to comprehend how to mourn the loss of a man I was never supposed to have loved.
"Sometimes I like to sit and fondly think about my husband not breathing so loudly."
"My wife heard a noise downstairs and woke me up to go check it out. Because apparently my life doesn't matter."
"Husband and I like to spend our weekends shouting, 'What did you say?!’ from another room."
"Sent my husband to the store & then turned off my phone because it’s time to teach independence."
The talk-show host discovered why you don't ask Roseanne about an ex-husband.
Do we really need to convince you that we won't go after your husband?
So many questions running through my mind, with the obvious one being did the men they serviced separately know they weren't
Having just barely survived a love- and chaos-filled Thanksgiving, Life in the Boomer Lane has been experiencing the same kind of whiplash that Mitt Romney must be feeling right now.
I just want them to do it without being told over and over again. I want them to do it not because it bothers them but because it bothers ME.
An oncology study by the Vanderbilt Ingram Cancer Center, confirms what many cancer survivors already know -- patients with strong support networks are not only more likely to survive, they also experience reduced occurrences of cancer resurgence.
I don't doubt he loves me; he tells me a dozen times a day. I guess I'll spend forever knowing I may not be the first or the most ferocious, but I'm the one who got him to say, "I do."
I can't really pinpoint why; it was just there one day, that disgust over having to kiss him, and I couldn't shake it to