You have never truly heard of Hussein, Karbala, or Ashura, and you probably didn't need to. No, this time in Islamic and global history never meant anything, until now.
Recently Donald Trump broke with the Republican convention and roiled the party base by boldly stating "You call it whatever you want. I want to tell you. They [the Bush administration] lied."
Saddam Hussein Sword Returned Back To Iraq
Marc & Alicia discuss NRA ad criticizing the President, his efforts to reduce gun violence and the GOP statement likening Obama to Hussein.
We like our presidents to be one of us, a regular person who drinks Bud Light and knows who Taylor Swift is. But the reality is, that's just the packaging. We really want a person who's NOTHING like a normal human.
Sometimes a hunger strike comes at a breaking point, Russell said, providing a catalyst for social change, while "sometimes
The brain relies on several instincts to help us survive, and sometimes they conflict. One fear can literally contradict another. That's the case with climate change. The bad news is that at this point, the wrong ones are winning. The good news is, things may be changing.
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Congress agreed to pump an extra $33 billion into Afghanistan this week, even as a new report revealed that almost nine billion earmarked for the nation's other occupation -- Iraq -- went missing.
Since Shiites have no restriction on single women going for the Hajj, A Hajj first timer, Saju, is less than pleased to know that Saudi Arabia requires all women pilgrims below the age of 45 to be accompanied by a male relative.
Read more on The Daily News There was only one way: Break Saddam. Where were Iraq's WMD? How close was Saddam Hussein to
But by week's end, the industry was walking back this commitment -- which never had any hint of accountability or oversight
As one of many Muslims participating in the inaugural ceremonies this week, I felt what I can only describe as a healing embrace.
Even though the Republican party with its "Whites Only" narrative succeeded in making "Muslim" and "Arab", the dirtiest epithets in America, the Obama narrative silenced them.
McCain has distanced itself from the deliberate and malicious use of Obama's middle name in the past. When a conservative
In an L.A. Times column today, one Coloradan told Ron Brownstein something we've been hearing across the country: "I can't vote for a guy whose middle name is Hussein.''
His release would be a blow to right-wing bloggers who have long labeled him a terrorist supporter or sympathizer -- and the U.S. may indeed try to block his release.
What better source for stating that the election of Obama would be a triumph for Al Qaeda, given Obama's Muslim middle name, than Rep. Steven Arnold King, the unstoppable Republican of Iowa?
On the world stage, I can't think of a better message to send than one that exhibits the tolerance that we are supposed to have for people of all different faiths.