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The New York Times reporter who interviewed the actor revealed tidbits that weren't in his published piece, including the 47-year-old calling Lopez "baller."
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The 50-year-old is nominated for Best Supporting Actress - Motion Picture for her role as Ramona in the 2019 hit "Hustlers."
A writer on a flight from New York to Los Angeles successfully made a plea to a JetBlue pilot to implore fellow flyers to watch the star's movie — and she loved it.
Greta Gerwig and Lorene Scafaria were poised to receive nominations for "Little Women" and "Hustlers."
The singer and actor was nominated for her role as Ramona in "Hustlers."
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The “Hustlers” star spoke candidly about how a director asked her to remove her top and her confidence to stand up against sexual harassment in Hollywood.