Huy Fong Foods

For 35 years, the company employed a rather unconventional marketing strategy. In fact, it managed to cultivate a loyal following
Heinz and Tabasco launched their own versions of the hot sauce.
“I don’t understand how [noted Sriracha backstabber Andrew Zimmern] could hate something so loving and giving. It’s just
Huy Fong Foods has 70 full-time employees and 200 seasonal workers and produces over 20 million bottles of hot sauce yearly
"I have had the bad luck to move into a city with a government that acts like a local king," founder David Tran told the
Sriracha has been called one of the hottest food trends of the year, spawning everything from a line of Lays potato chips
A judge has given a dose of cold water to the hot sauce Sriracha, ruling Tuesday that the factory that manufactures the trendy condiment must partially shut down after neighbors complained of the spicy smells it was producing.