Heat pumps have gotten a bad reputation in the past, Wallace said, because the air being pushed out isn't as warm as the
(Photo by Summer Galyan) Don't close vents and doors "A zoned system splits the floors, puts a second thermostat upstairs
So, you've moved into a new home and you just got your first utility bill. Is it higher than you expected? If so, your HVAC system may be the cause.
Finding the right house isn't always easy to do. Often times, buying your first home can be a confusing process filled with uncertainty and hidden costs that don't surface until months or even years later. HVAC equipment is often one of those hidden costs.
One of the latest and most popular innovations in heating and cooling your home not only saves energy, but is compact, cheaper to install and can be set up without tearing down walls.
We frequently hear about the need for governments -- local, county, state and federal -- to get competing bids, and too often we learn after the fact that contracts were let without getting bids. But many people ask, "Does getting competing bids really make any difference?"
"Winterizing" your bad ride has taken on new meaning. Here are some ways to help guarantee your driving safety this winter.
Mitsubishi has done it again with their Outlander crossover, appearing first in Japan in 2001 and now in its second-generation of manufacture.
And of course buyers want them to stand-out on the road and their driveways. Car makers love CVTs because they're cheaper
The 2010 Ford Taurus' shifter system is more than acceptable and adds some unexpected but welcome panache for the driver who wants to think he's in something better and sportier than, er, a Taurus.
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