hwansan sunim

So let me introduce you to Breath Counting Meditation. This is an ancient mental training technique traditionally used by monks to build their power of concentration. First, we have to learn Abdominal Breathing.
We've been hearing that the traditional cross-legged meditation posture is too difficult for beginners. This is part one of a special two-part series on how to practice Son meditation while sitting in a chair. Today we'll learn correct meditation posture, a cleansing exercise, and proper breathing technique.
HuffPost's Third Metric seeks to redefine success beyond money and power. As part of our series, we speak to Harvard-educated Buddhist monk Hwansan Sunim about how he's merging the world of ancient Buddhist tradition with 21st century digital media.
"The way he talked about the benefits of meditation just made so much sense, even to a person trained in the Western biomedical
In Seon meditation, the central question is: Yi-mwot-go or in English, "What is this?" When we react to a situation, what
"I found it disturbing -- the atmosphere is weird, the look on people's faces is also a little weird. I feel like I'm the
Sunim, who has studied Seon Buddhism under the guidance of Korean zen master Songdam at Yonghwasa Temple in Incheon, South
How do you react when you get upset or hurt? In spite of all the coping methods we learn in the course of our lives -- from
) "Seon meditation aims to eradicate the very roots of suffering, as well as awaken us to our infinite human potential," Sunim