The announcement comes months after HuffPost first reported that an anti-Muslim hate group was holding its annual conference at a Hyatt hotel.
Hyatt said it would be unlawful to cancel on hate group Act for America. But Muslim Advocates said that's untrue.
Billionaire J.B. Pritzker and multi-millionaire Bruce Rauner will face off for Illinois governor, and with their deep pockets it could be the country’s most expensive gubernatorial race ever.
And a backlash is brewing. “There must be no room for hate at Hyatt hotels."
Police interviewed the man hours later and determined he had "no unlawful intent" to use the weapons.
The designer's luxury (RED) suite in West Hollywood benefits HIV/AIDS efforts.
This swanky Connecticut town is so much more than just the center of the Preppy Handbook universe, and I should know. I grew
"Thank you for your offer to Mr. __ (senior manager) We already receive training from XYZ product companies once a year. I
Marriott hotels ended the practice of offering adult video on demand several years ago.
There's still some time for one last Grand Tour this summer. Here are a few blockbuster shows worth visiting before the season ends.
Whether these buildings are meant to cement their legacies, increase their exposure or increase tax breaks, they still have the same effect -- allowing the general public to see contemporary art that would otherwise be held in storage units and private homes.
We've already rounded up our pick of the best of this summer's public art shows in America, so now we travel to Europe for some more recommendations.
The style that Niemeyer would come to pioneer and embody blew these traditions away, creating a new visual language for the country that both imagined a technological, avant-garde future, but also reached back into the country's own traditions and imagery.
The commission to design a contemporary art museum is one of the most prestigious an architect can receive. The confluence of creativity with money allows a firm to both experiment, and realize its dreams.
Wade Guyton is one of those names that constantly pops up in frenzied contemporary art auctions, such as the wildly successful Christie's sale this past May, "If I Live I'll See You Tuesday."
As a member of the local media, I was permitted to sample the dishes. My favorite by far was rabbit-morel ravioli with pickled
Starting rates for spring $159. While both properties offer waterfront getaways, each offers guests very different experiences
How can we make the best of hotels? What can we do there? Sleeping is obvious, but here are 10 more things that I have either done in hotels or have fantasized about doing, and still might do.