hyde amendment

A House subcommittee just advanced a spending bill without the controversial policy in it for the first time in more than 40 years.
The amendment makes abortion essentially inaccessible for low-income women and many women of color.
The Hyde Amendment denies insurance coverage for abortions to people who receive their health coverage through government-sponsored plans like Medicaid.
The Guttmacher Institute analyzed the impact of rescinding the amendment, which bars U.S. foreign aid from being used to pay for abortions abroad.
Former Vice President Joe Biden backed ending the Hyde Amendment, and the ACLU is calling on him to keep that commitment.
Tom McInerney also told CNBC he didn't think the former vice president had performed well in this week's Democratic primary debate.
Over a quarter of low-income women in Louisiana who wanted an abortion didn’t get one because Medicaid didn't cover the procedure, research finds.
The former Obama adviser also dismissed comments the 2020 presidential candidate has made about girls’ looks at campaign events as “generational.”
The 2020 hopeful's reversal on the Hyde Amendment is emblematic of wider changes within the Democratic Party.
The former vice president and 2020 hopeful said the GOP-led efforts to limit abortion rights in several states had prompted his change of heart.
Now, he’s just discarding his position in exactly the same way Al Gore did.
From walking back his Hyde Amendment stance to bungling his climate plan rollout, the 2020 presidential candidate had a rough seven days.
The 2020 Democratic candidate's critique came after Biden publicly changed his mind about the Hyde Amendment.
After facing criticism from fellow presidential candidates, the former vice president now says he supports repealing the Hyde Amendment.
The Hyde Amendment prohibits federal health insurance programs from covering abortions except in cases of rape, incest or risk to the woman's life.
Joe Biden changed his position on federal abortion funding limits, joining Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris and others in pushing to end the measure.
The Democratic presidential candidate took aim at the former vice president's stance on the provision, which she argued unfairly targets low-income women.
The former vice president and 2020 Democratic presidential front-runner is catching flak for supporting a prohibition on federal funding for abortions.
After he told a voter otherwise, his campaign says he's only "open" to repealing the Hyde Amendment if circumstances change.
The GOP senator said he has “always supported the Hyde Amendment," which prohibits federal funding of abortions except in cases of rape or incest.