Experts share how to get more H2O without even realizing you're doing it.
Kevin Turner (former COO of Microsoft), along with a star-studded line of supporters such as Lew Wolff (owner of MLB's Oakland
If your primary concerns with stretching are the aches and pains you feel when extending a tight muscle, incorporate a foam
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This is a crosspost of my blog, Healthy Food & Healthy Living. This experiment suggests that even small changes in hydration
Here are six great reasons to make H20 your beverage of choice.
The original article can be found on Medical News Today. Written by Hannah Nichols The findings, published in the Annals
Don't fall for these hydration myths.
Having a cup of water already in front of you when you finish your coffee makes it a lot easier to hydrate when you caffeinate!
Beyoncé could partner up with a plywood company and woodworking would suddenly be the newest health craze. But that said, you may have just found your favorite new juice thanks to Bey.
We are meant to thrive. Our bodies are able to access huge stores of energy so that every bodily function can operate at the highest level. When it does this, our bodies enter what I call "Thrive Mode."
It turns out that adding just three more cups of water a day could help you consume 1,400 fewer calories per week, according to one recent study.
Too often, people get hung up on arcane questions about food combining, intermittent fasting, and herbal detoxes before they have begun consuming any reasonably balanced combination of whole, unprocessed foods.