hydrogen fuel cell

Musk and those who criticize hydrogen fuel often point to the cost of production, stating that the energy output to produce and store hydrogen outweighs the positives of the element itself.
What do Walmart, Toyota, Hyundai, FedEx, Lowe's, and many other well-known companies have in common? They have either pursued
Adding a hydrogen dispenser to a traditional gas station/convenience mart, opened to both private- and government-owned fleets
"The hybrid plane concept we are announcing today is both a vision of the future and a challenge to our partners and suppliers
Much has been made over the past two years regarding the potential for and adoption of hydrogen fuel technologies. While the industrial sector is by far still the largest user of hydrogen fuel, it's the consumer space that is putting the topic of hydrogen and hydrogen fuel cells on our radar.
Toyota sees hydrogen as the "fuel of the future."
Welcome to the 42nd day of NASA's longest simulated Mars mission! The day started with a bang. Or rather, a whimper. The whimper was the sound of our power systems almost dying. Don't panic.
Bottom line: it's much easier to imagine a future where little or no GHGs are produced with everyone driving hydrogen cars than it is with gasoline- or rechargeable electric-powered cars.
Hydrogen is a clean fuel, producing only water when consumed. It has minimal environmental impacts if used in fuel cells