The hotly debated transmission buildout divided environmentalists, but experts say it was the only real hope for the state's — and the country's — climate goals.
A new transmission project has divided environmentalists and laid bare the difficult choices governments face when trying to move away from fossil fuels.
In Myanmar, this means a "basin-wide perspective" to effectively govern the hydropower planning in the country. Similarly
Bhutan's flowing rivers could feed electricity to neighbouring countries. Inga Vitola/Flickr, CC BY-SA Electricity can be
For one, both initiatives were highly ambitious and would have imposed considerable, albeit hard to quantify, costs on the
Safe-water programs in Africa are another example of climate-smart adaptation: In Uganda, the consequences of climate change
Now, this trend has been broken and renewable energy projects have started to eat the dam builders' lunch. A number of factors
The abstract figures confirm our experience on the ground, as we have seen numerous large dams stopped or suspended in China
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