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Another way of taking a person down a peg is to bring their intelligence, or general mental competence into question. For
Yet sanitation in particular remains an issue which is still viewed as taboo and not suited for discussion in the halls of
Harriet Kamashanyu, Rhythm of Life, Kampala, Uganda. A social initiative in the red light district provides HIV-positive
Because I believe that a good heart is a gift that keeps on giving - I'm asking you to do something else as well. Please
Triclosan is so ubiquitous it's even found embedded in medical devices such as catheters and sutures to prevent infections
For much of the country, the weather is finally starting to warm up, which means open-toed shoe season is right around the corner. And that definitely means we're ramping up our mani/pedi schedules. But it also means being vigilant about keeping an eye out for any sketchy practices at the local nail salon.
Ezeokoli Ogechukwu Chinenye, Teens Entrepreneurship Club, Ogun, Nigeria. Teenagers from low-income communities are afforded