The 2020 Democratic candidate said that, for a party that claims to defend faith, GOP policies don’t align with major religions’ teachings about caring for others.
"The level of your hypocrisy is amazing. You laud your immigrant journey while doing nothing to stop the cruelty at our southern border," replied one Twitter user.
Laurence Tribe used a blistering tweet to accuse the Republican Senate majority leader of hypocrisy over his plans to fill any Supreme Court vacancy next year.
The president's lawyer also called Mitt Romney a "hypocrite" and said the Utah senator should "stop this pious act."
Anthony Scaramucci called the apparent hypocrisy "one of the main reasons why the American people are so fed up with Washington.”
"The Late Show" host also roasted Donald Trump and other Republicans for their hypocrisy.
"Blaming the media for bombs that were sent to the media is like blaming skyscrapers for 9/11."
Trump shared a link to a FEMA page that busts fake news about the storm, and many people noted the hypocrisy of the falsehood-spreading president.
Trump's hypocrisy in light of his appointment of John Bolton as National Security Adviser has not gone unnoticed.
Jimmy Kimmel gleefully mocks the "hypocrisy" of the Trump administration's wait-until-marriage agenda.
Twitter is incredulous as the daughter of the man who called Mexican immigrants "rapists" is shocked by ugly politics.
Christian love requires protecting others, including those within one’s own nation.
This is what you (name) said. Why are you (name) licking his boots? We will remember (name). We are watching you (name). If
The best word to describe Goodlatte's present plea for progress is hypocrisy. Second place in the apt-word contest might
I'm continually amazed by the insights of Friedrich Nietzsche.