The "Late Night" host showed clips of flip-flopping Republican "moral black holes" who seek to quickly replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court.
The president's younger daughter gets called out for hypocrisy on social media.
The former first lady said on her new podcast that she's struggling with the "day in and day out" hypocrisy of Trump's administration.
The network talks the talk but its guests, contributors and commentators haven't walked the walk.
The 81-second spot slams the South Carolina Republican as “spineless,” “shameless” and “dangerous."
The comedian slammed Fox personalities' push to reopen the country from the safety of their remote studios as "the height of evil."
People on Twitter pointed out President Donald Trump's completely unhealthy online behavior.
And "mayest all quid pro quos be thine," scoffed Kellyanne Conway's husband in response to a prayer circle in the White House.
The 2020 Democratic candidate said that, for a party that claims to defend faith, GOP policies don’t align with major religions’ teachings about caring for others.
"The level of your hypocrisy is amazing. You laud your immigrant journey while doing nothing to stop the cruelty at our southern border," replied one Twitter user.