Amid frigid temperatures, here's a quick guide on spotting hypothermia, what to do if trapped in your car, and more.
Icy weather can mean freezing pipes and hypothermia. Here's how you can prepare.
Alcohol consumption increases the risk of developing hypothermia and does not help with the symptoms. Alcohol is a vasodilator
5 reasons peace in Syria (and elsewhere) is beyond our grasp
The Mayor must ensure that the conditions and safety of emergency shelters are improved significantly so the street is never a safer option than a DC-funded and operated homeless shelter.
The movie adaptation of A Walk in the Woods is on solid footing with Bill Bryson's chronicle of the struggles, discomforts, and deprivations he endured -- and gratifications he derived -- as he explored the Appalachian Trail in the spring and summer of 1996. The book conveys the trepidations he experienced -- the perils encountered, and imagined.
This decision is a resounding victory for homeless families based not just on esoteric interpretations of law, but on a common understanding of basic human rights that must be protected for all DC residents, no matter their income.
Paramedics later came to the scene and took the 23-year-old, who was showing signs of hypothermia, to a hospital. He was
D.C. has reverted back to a practice that it conceded was unacceptable, even when the District was mired in financial strife: Placing children and their parents in makeshift shelters at rec centers.
Silva was amazed by the cops’ generosity. "Here were these five kids, all dressed well but just down on their luck with all
I've learned a few things about how to keep exploring comfortably and safely instead of shivering into the hotel or cruise sauna for half the vacation. So pull off your gloves, cozy up with a steaming drink, and take note.
The City turned away all shelter-seeking families from April through October last year, and we soon found out that in the
Summer's scorching days mean it's time to plan for the cold. Our Hypothermia Prevention and Response Program help the homeless in our community survive the winter weather.
On the heels of 2011's record-breaking summer heat wave that saw oppressive temperatures and stifling humidity grip cities
I have never forgotten my child in the back of the car, or at school, or at a friend's house. But I understand how it could happen, and I bet most parents can, too.
Hof says his talent is rooted in meditation. The Dutch "Iceman" is known around the world for his unbelievable ability to
HIGHLAND FALLS, N.Y. -- In a daring nighttime run, amid conditions that left no room for error, a New York City police helicopter
In August, 100 adventure tourists and I boarded a Quark Expeditions icebreaker for the two-week cruise to the North Pole.