The exodus follows reports that the Fox News personality sexually harassed female employees.
The decision comes after a bombshell New York Times investigation into sexual harassment claims made against Fox News host Bill O'Reilly.
In the same way oxygen is reflected in the atmosphere -- infused, inseparable, life-sustaining. Corporations in Korea, or
Copyright 2016 by Jerry Zezima "Did you ever want to race in the Indy 500?" I asked. When I told Tony I'm not handy enough
There is so much to do in the little Florida paradise of Clearwater, Florida, but one standout rising above it all is the Sandpearl Resort. After all, Clearwater has had a good reputation for years as a beach destination since the beaches are both secluded or family-friendly -- take your pick.
The rise of "content" is a fundamental 21st century marketing phenomenon. But is "advertising," deliberate messages broadcast at one time to swathes of people, dead?
We all have something to hide. Usually, we bury it deep inside the caverns of ourselves, where no one can find it. It's a secret, a wild whisper so engrained that we can't dismiss it. It's our shadow. And it follows us everywhere.
"Little crime" carries a personal liability while "big crime" does not. Any reform of the U.S. criminal justice system needs to correct this inequity.
It's starting to look less like Google and more like its own company.
There are three types of answers I just can't stand to hear. Any answer that begins with an all-knowing "So...," "Yes and no," or "It depends," all drive me completely bananas. On the surface, these answers seem weak and evasive, but dig deeper.
FIFA's principal sponsors Adidas, Budweiser, Coca-Cola, Hyundai and McDonalds have done nothing more than issue tepid statements "expressing concern". So if confirmed reports of slave labor and a Justice Department call for cleaning house are not sufficient to take action, what is?
We need symbolic acts that capture the world's attention and help shift all the major players in the direction of negotiations.
What these automakers understand, however, is that beyond these consumers being men, they're fathers. These automakers understand the growing influence of the fatherhood role on today's man and how powerful that identify has become.
The message's size paid off, and Stephanie's father was able to see it as well as capture it with a camera. For Stephanie
Hyundai teamed with a 13-year-old girl in its latest marketing campaign and used its cars to do something we’ve never seen before: Send a note to space.