i am cait

I have no desire to defend Jenner's Cruzophilia or any of her other absurdities. Yet I find myself even now wanting to empathize with this woman who has so often put her foot in it, and to continue embracing her presence in our ranks for the good it's doing us even if that good has a liberal admixture of bad and ugly.
The cable company said it did it out of "respect" for viewers.
The Olympian also offers a dig at Ted Cruz for his support of "bathroom bills."
"There're more to life than what you look like."
"With enough love, almost anything is possible."
So many people got to finally experience "Candis" when you co-starred on the ABC show "Dirty Sexy Money". Many of us are
Everyone's journey regarding their gender is very personal and should be done at their own pace. How do you feel about your