I am that girl

In her video, Avery explains how she use to compare her physical appearance to other girls at school. "Their kind of beauty
I don't know a single person who hasn't experienced mean people or bullying at some point in their lives and it's only gotten worse with the internet, which as we know is terrifying for parents. This isn't an isolated problem, it's a global epidemic and we believe Lizzie's story will be a conduit for that conversation and for real change.
We administer a thousand mental and verbal paper cuts to our bodies every day. Most of the time, we're not even wholly conscious of what we're saying.
My armpit does its job just fine and my appreciation for what it does is not contingent upon how it looks, how it looks to others or even how lovely it smells. My armpit is, happily, the last place on my body that gets my attention.
It's easy to be the girl who holds grudges, gathers ammunition for not trusting others and an endless list of excuses for why she took her heart off her sleeve. However, I'm asking you not to. I know, it's a huge ask.