i will always love you

A Conversation with Craig Greenberg Mike Ragogna: Craig, your new album is titled The Grand Loss & Legacy. What did you mean
Local ABC/NBC affiliate KAIT reports the crowd at University Heights Intermediate in Jonesboro, Arkansas, was floored by
When he saw the news in the height of it over the holidays, he’d ask a lot of questions like, “Why is that happening?” and
Jade Burke, a 14-year-old girl who lives in Glasgow, Scotland, uploaded a video of herself singing the tune in April (she
--R&B singer-actress Deborah Cox opens up on re-recording Whitney Houston’s vocals for Lifetime’s forthcoming biopic, "I
Less than a week since news surfaced that Deborah Cox will provide vocals for Whitney Houston’s most notable hits in the
There's nothing like a great diva collaboration. Every time we see two top-notch chanteuses join forces, it feels like something
The tragic passing of Whitney Houston, who would have recently celebrated her 50th birthday, has left many of us saddened
For more amazing renditions of the classic ballad, which was written and first performed by Dolly Parton, click through this
What did you think of the performance? Was it better than Jessica Sanchez's dynamite "I Will Always Love You" cover? Share
When 16-year-old American Idol contestant Jessica Sanchez blew away the judges with her heartfelt rendition of "I Will Always
They both had powerful and angelic voices that defined their generations.
Just wanted to make sure anyone in the office who can hear me playing "I Will Always Love You" over and over again through
Far from family and friends, Whitney Houston's music became my lifeline, my reason to keep going.
What did you think of Hudson's rendition of "I Will Always Love You?" The late singer presented Hudson with her first Grammy
Riley met Houston at Kelly Price's pre-Grammy party on Thursday, just two days before she died of still unknown causes. "I
It felt like we experienced a group hug on Twitter the moment the news hit that beloved pop icon Whitney Houston was found dead. There is comfort in knowing you are not alone and in sharing the experience.