Ian Anderson

Boholuv: Fringe, embroidered embellishments, so-called ethnic details and loose, flowy garments are stock elements in my
The knocking woke up Anderson and his 6-year-old pit bull, Burberry, who started barking until Anderson opened the door for
Ian Anderson Breaks Down After Dog Shot Dead By Cop
On my first day as a 21-year-old assistant editor at the music industry weekly Record World, co-owner Sid Parnes was unavailable for orientation. Like The Mary Tyler Moore Show's Lou Grant -- the cantankerous boss with a good mind and a good heart -- Sid kept a bottle of Scotch in his desk.
Anderson also performed a live flute duet with NASA astronaut Catherine (Cady) Coleman at the International Space Station
Ian Anderson knows his audience.
"There's a great music scene in Austin, but if you really want to be seen by the right people and have the right opportunities, you need to be based in Los Angeles. Then again, because of the Internet, anything is possible from anywhere."
If you are facing losing your home, unemployment, divorce, kids going away, people dying, illness or any of the many ebbs and flows that life brings, do not let these events define you.