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This film proves you don't have to spend a zillion dollars to make something truly great, you just need true talent on screen and a good story.
Vito Russo, the legendary gay and AIDS activist whose achievements have already earned him a biography and several film documentaries, is best known as the author of The Celluloid Closet and as a co-founder of GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation)
The fine ensemble swirling around McKellan's killer performance as the aging Mr. Holmes, now in retirement in the country, is first rate. And in that spirit, the movie's Monday premiere took advantage of Broadway's dark night, with theater actors out for drinks and ravioli at Southgate in celebration.
Sir Patrick Stewart turns 75 on July 13, and the "Star Trek" and "X-Men" actor surely has plenty of reasons to celebrate
The director (Bryan Singer) understands emotional storytelling -- betrayal, trust, unexpected heroism and backstabbing and
Befitting the 74-year-old's humorous nature, his undies had his "Lord of the Rings" character Gandalf printed on the back
One week after releasing six seconds of the "X-Men: Days of Future Past" trailer, 20th Century Fox unveiled the full teaser
Really, are there closer friends in the world than Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan? The duo took a break from rehearsals
In April 2010, the Library of Congress announced plans to archive every single tweet publicly posted on Twitter's social network. With nearly half a billion new tweets being generated each day, the Library of Congress can now access nearly 170 billion tweets. But do 140 characters of text comprise a work of art?
Jodie Foster's words really affected this over-40 actor who has felt the sting of not being the actor industry folks cast in roles that my straight counterparts get to play all the time. She made me feel less alone as an Out and not-so-young-anymore performer.
The Hobbit is enjoyable on every level -- from story to cinematography to the performances -- and despite the inherent nerdiness of the franchise, even the non-geeks among us can identify with the triumphs of a small man over big foes. If you still have no desire to see it, here are 26 reasons why you should re-consider and give it a chance.
While initially I was not eager to see J.R.R.Tolkien's The Hobbit, I am pleased to say that it drew me in, invited me to study its opening and then once the dwarves appeared, it swept me away.
The Comedy Central host has long been public about his devotion to the films. He first became obsessed with the fantasy world
"American Horror Story: Asylum" airs on Wednesday at 10 p.m. EST on FX. Murphy described the character as "a crazy person
“It was a little like going back to something that wasn’t necessarily going to be particularly challenging,” McKellen told
Hi everyone. Here's an exclusive Comic Con poster. Be sure to get your copy in San Diego and let me know what you think of
The film has a long production legacy, fraught with lawsuits and directorial stops and starts. Once it got underway, it provided