Ibtihaj Muhammad

Hernandez will be the newest doll in Mattel's Barbie "Shero" line.
The renowned fencer spoke to Glamour about her "Muhammad Ali mantras."
She’s showing off a whole new look.
The Olympic fencer is fighting for Muslim Americans to reclaim their narrative.
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Ibtihaj Muhammad and Ilhan Omar have gotten the "Hijarbie" treatment.
"I can’t tell you why it happened to me, but I know that I’m Muslim,” the U.S. citizen said.
Why should D&G be applauded for something that is at its core, primarily just a calculated business move devoid of any real
This piece was first published in the Newark Star Ledger on September 19, 2001. It is as relevant today as it was then, only eight days after the henious attacks on the World Trade Centers