ice age

The carcass has most of its soft tissues still intact, including part of the intestines, thick hair and a lump of fat.
The discovery suggests the ice-age humans may have used boats to travel among islands.
Denying the reality of climate change is resulting in foreseeable, avoidable tragedy.
I really enjoyed this movie because it is hilarious and action packed. One of the funny parts of the movie is when Sid's
“You’re never cool to your kids. I’m sure Sting’s not cool to his kids.”
"Ice Age: Collision Course" is the latest in the "Ice Age" series of movies. It all began in 2002 and "Collision Course" is
And with recent research from the National Center for Disaster Preparedness at Columbia University showing that more than
Well, as busy as you may be, I'm betting that your Thanksgiving to-do list looks like a Post-it note compared to all of the tasks that the talented folks who work for Macy's Parade and Entertainment Group have to accomplish before 12 noon ET on Thursday arrives.