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The discovery suggests the ice-age humans may have used boats to travel among islands.
Denying the reality of climate change is resulting in foreseeable, avoidable tragedy.
Ice Age: Collision Course by Kamhai B., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 12 This movie is a pleasant surprise considering this
“You’re never cool to your kids. I’m sure Sting’s not cool to his kids.”
"Ice Age: Collision Course" is the latest in the "Ice Age" series of movies. It all began in 2002 and "Collision Course" is
Here are five ways parents and kids can get prepared together, using the PSA from Save the Children and 20th Century Fox
Well, as busy as you may be, I'm betting that your Thanksgiving to-do list looks like a Post-it note compared to all of the tasks that the talented folks who work for Macy's Parade and Entertainment Group have to accomplish before 12 noon ET on Thursday arrives.
"Since its cause is principally our burning of fossil fuel, it should make us fear what might be the next result of continuing
Might want to start stockpiling those down jackets: The sun could nod off by 2030, triggering what scientists are describing as a "mini ice age."
Scientists warn that the Earth is just 15 years away from experiencing a “mini ice age” — something that hasn’t happened in 300 years.
Modeled on the same campaign used to blacklist supporters of apartheid South Africa, the fossil fuel divestment movement has gained serious global traction over the past 12 months.
It's a sobering concept, the thought that the ever-bustling life we know on Earth could end at any moment. Ronsiaux makes
Ancient cod bones unearthed at an Alaska archaeological site carry a very modern warning for a world with a rapidly changing climate -- as sea levels rise, so do levels of mercury in the food chain.
At the entrance of the trail where it became forest, were beautiful, almost luminous red flowers -- I don't remember what kind. It seemed as if they were either welcoming us or warning us. Once you enter the forest, you begin a steep climb to the top.