ice cubes

Let us fill you in on an idea so deceptively simple, we can't believe we didn't think of it sooner: Watermelon ice cubes
When you finally get to the bottom it's essentially all water, and it's annoying. Enter: the wonderful world of ice trays. Here are 14 creative ways to stay cool and keep your drink from becoming watered down liquid.
If the weather is getting you down, these puppies may make you a bit more enthusiastic about ice. Whether they're fighting
You probably haven't given much thought to the ice that makes your drink frosty.
Our favorite ways to get the most out of our ice cube trays.
Are you in need of an ice cube that will strike fear in the hearts of your enemies?
A great cocktail shouldn't have just any ice cubes -- a drink deserves more than the average refrigerator ice cubes from
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Canadians claim that a bucket of hot water left outdoors in cold weather will freeze first. Scientists, however, are still unable to explain why Canadians leave buckets of water outdoors in cold weather.
If you're not already familiar with the craze for super-large cubes of ice in cocktails, let this be your introduction.