ICE detention

Cassils, Rafa Esparza and more than 80 other artists hope to elevate their statements about "the invisible violence taking place in our country right now."
Neysi Salvador-Aguiar, a physician from Cuba, told HuffPost that the Irwin County detention center wasn't taking enough measures to prevent the spread of the virus.
The asylum-seeker was found unresponsive in his cell at Louisiana's Richwood Correctional Center, which has a history of violence.
The government says no one is on a hunger strike.
As new leadership takes the helm at DHS, and as Congress soon begins work on a new round of appropriations, there is no better time to address the wasteful detention bed "quota" or the inappropriate conditions.
As part of an on-going investigation, Fusion has learned that 13 pregnant women were detained in an immigration detention
Recognizing the visitation movement's growing power, ICE began to crack down on three Southern California visitation programs, Friends of Adelanto Detainees and two Orange County programs.
Angela Kelly, vice president for immigration policy at the progressive think tank Center for American Progress, said advocates
The Times published a story on Saturday based on Immigration and Customs data that showed the agency holds about 300 people
"We are constantly ... moving people in and out of detention," she said at an event hosted by Politico. Still, she said, the