ice melt

Controversial new research explains why increasing global temperatures could be more dangerous than we thought.
Stranded young males Seals and other animals like polar bears that depend on sea ice to survive are threatened by the retreat
When scientists saw melting across a whopping 97 percent of Greenland’s icy surface last summer, they were quick to note
“The West Antarctic ice sheet is clearly more sensitive to warming than we thought,” Fischer said. “This is really a huge
Of all the projected nightmare scenario effects of global warming, one has seized my imagination like no other. I cannot erase the image of a lone polar bear standing on an island of ice barely bigger that it is, floating alone in the Arctic Sea. Drifting toward certain death by starvation or drowning.
Nearly the entire ice cover of Greenland melted in a span of four days this month, more than at any time in more than 30
Unprecedented melting of Greenland's ice sheet this month has stunned NASA scientists and has highlighted broader concerns
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Computer models of the global climate have for years suggested the Arctic will warm at a faster rate than the rest of the