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He was flying to Missoula to begin filming a pilot episode about the recovery of plane wrecks.
Well, it didn't pan out as planned, and a big stop sign on the brink of Tibbitt Lake, just 43 miles north, of Yellowknife
While there was still enough warmth to move his fingers, he took his blankets and set up a makeshift whelen lean-to in his sleeper. Instead of a fire, he had two Walmart glass jar candles that he set up at the bottom of the opening.
Austin seems to be doing alright for himself, this week scoring the biggest load of the season. Meanwhile, after arriving
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But some quick thinking, and smart maneuvering helped both truckers get their rigs across the frozen lake and back on their
That's been puzzling me for a while. And then, the other day, I ran across this little tidbit, a piece called "Grab a Brew