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"I am devastated and sick to my core," her pairs partner, Harley Windsor, said.
The presidential contender, who is Jewish, reflected on how his family fled religious persecution and he urged all Americans to reject bigotry and hate.
The double bronze medalist ice dancer said her "fingers are crossed" after surgery.
Adam Schmidt claims that Richard Callaghan assaulted him repeatedly, adding to previous allegations against the coach.
If the score were based on costumes, here's who would come out on top.
Olympic figure skaters have undergone a total fashion evolution since its inception in 1924
Flower sweepers are young skaters that collect gifts thrown on the ice for Olympic figure skaters. For the sweepers in Pyeongchang, cleaning up after Yuzuru Hanyu is an olympic feat of its own.
Women skaters have been seen as exemplars of an "All-American" femininity: slim, blond, white. That's changing.