We buried Bali in our garden. Planted a pomegranate tree over his burial site so we will never forget the member of our family who taught us about unconditional love.
Ah, nothing is perfect in this world; time to learn to live with it.
There is another ME now -- the feeling one, the loving one. The one who stops thinking to feel the flowers. There is more joy, and a much more enjoyable one, in feeling than in thinking, in loving than in winning arguments.
Live and let live. Let each person take responsibility for his or her behavior. Each person should do his best to improve himself, not the other.
Always watch the HOW imperative. There is no real final answer to the WHY anyway.
As I lecture around the nation, I've had a chance to see many neighborhoods. I noticed something as I walk the small towns of America, the suburbia, and away from downtown. Ghost towns.
Vacations are disruptive in multiple ways. They are not only disruptive to workflow. They might disrupt your life in more ways than one. Some are a blessing. Some may be a blessing in disguise or a source of an outright major crisis.