— Lily Stockton (Associate Copywriter) and Joey McRobert (Junior Copywriter), Firstborn When I was a kid you kept things
If Kenneth the Page from 30 Rock happened to be one of the Scrubbing Bubbles, he would definitely be Sudsy. This little guy
“Who doesn’t love a chubby little kid with his name on his shirt, eager to serve you up a burger?” gushes Anne Elisco-Lemme
One simple charcoal sketch later, Smith submitted her image of baby Ann’s bright-eyed visage with adorably pursed lips and
Which brands throughout the decades consistently nail it with their ad campaigns? John Slattery, Matthew Weiner, and Brooke
“Green Giant” was actually a nickname for large-sized peas sold by the Minnesota Valley Canning Company in the 1920s. General
There’s even a bit of technology in the Hollow Tree, by way of a rotary telephone for Ernie to make calls to the team when
Speaking of gold medals and awards, this year we celebrated our 13th Annual Madison Avenue Walk of Fame. More than 60,000
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