ida b. wells

"What’s important is to say how and why does it happen, and that then helps us explain America to itself because the experience of black people is the experience of America."
And that's just the start. It's time to take the names of racists off our schools, libraries and public buildings.
Journalist and activist Ida B. Wells is in some ways a forgotten figure, overlooked even in black civil rights history. But
There are almost 800 Confederate statues in the U.S. Charlottesville showed what happens when you threaten that white male dominance.
She forced the nation to confront the brutality of lynching. She deserves a monument of her own.
Ida B. Wells helped found the NAACP and crusaded tirelessly against lynching in the United States.
These black female activists deserve some recognition for their contributions.
“One had better die fighting against injustice than die like a dog or a rat in a trap.” ― Ida B. Wells On May 19, 2017, the
It is women’s history month and what better way to honor the past by naming the future? The following 15 female names reflect
Susan B. Anthony isn't the only woman who should be honored.
As we reflect on the leadership legacy of Ida B. Wells, how will you use writing as advocacy as a tool to advance liberty and justice for all?
#SayHerName provides needed discussion regarding police brutality against black women in the United States; however, addressing
____ 1. A singer who was called the "Empress of the Blues", at one point she was the highest paid black performer in the