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Next time someone tells you "you can't", prove to them that you can. If you have an idea for a project, find people who will
I didn't ask for too many details, even when I heard the word "farm" being thrown about. Because a farm is just a less exotic zoo with no concession stand, right? And maybe I'd get to pet a bunny or a baby pig.
Netflix Reauthorizes No Child Left Behind? Or so quips this EdWeek headline. Real-life Congress hasn't yet reauthorized NCLB (since 2007!), but characters on the Netflix series "House of Cards" do. "[Writer Beau] Willimon noted on Twitter that he hinged the plot on education because it affects us all directly and indirectly, and because of the contention that often revolves around education reform," EdWeek writes. Read the full story for a taste of which education fights the show covers. My take: Obviously TV isn't reality, but there are a few major inaccuracies. The most glaring one in my eyes is that teachers unions can't legally hold a national strike over some federal legislation they dislike!
Happy Waiver Day! Today, the Senate's Health, Education, Labor & Pensions Committee will hold an oversight hearing on the No Child Left Behind waivers, featuring none other than U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, the big cheese himself. Catch our preview here.
Cagle said that he and his wife began to worry when their son, Tanner, didn't come home on the bus Wednesday. After about
Proponents of the plan said virtual classes will help the state save money and better prepare students for college and careers
Still, other parents like Carla Christensen say they fully support Larsen's teaching methods and hope to see her continue
Educators already Twin Falls Superintendent Wiley Dobbs said he felt his school district created a strong plan for how merit
The laws would have phased out tenure and offered bonuses to teachers who raised student test scores. Advocates of merit