A county clerk accused an organizer of soliciting in a government building. The organizer said she was passing out flyers to people interested in getting help.
The president made the comment while pushing for voter ID laws at a Florida rally.
by Katherine LaGrave, Condé Nast Traveler The Friendliest and Unfriendliest Cities in the World In September, we heard the
The OPC reported a wide range of complaints. In one case, an officer allegedly refused to provide ID to a witness to a car
The changes over time in the numbers claiming a religious affiliation should be seen as, first and foremost, a change in perception of what affiliation is socially acceptable and useful. Such a change, then, may be less about shifts in practice and belief than social perception and pressure.
The murder victims in Chapel Hill have been described as students, family members, Muslims, and Syrian, and the accused murderer as an atheist, anti-theist, white male, and terrorist.
What is drug addiction? •Glassy eyes •Household items disappearing •Slurred speech •Injection marks •Agitation and irritability
In some ways, it's a marvel that even half of consumers bother to lock their phones. You would think the benefits would be obvious enough: by entering a few numbers, you can achieve a basic level of protection from prying eyes.
The Washington Post editorial board jumped into a center of a decades-old debate by declaring their support for a universal national identity card. In reality, implementing an American national identity card would be an expensive logistical and bureaucratic nightmare.
Without strong safeguards for privacy now, it will not be long before these technologies -- sold to us as being for our good and aimed at making our lives safer, easier and more efficient -- will come to dominate every aspect of our lives.