Tattoos are more popular than ever, with nearly half of all millennials reporting to have at least one. But why do we get tattoos, and what do our tattoos say about us? We speak to people about the story behind their tattoos, as well as tattoo artists “Bang Bang” McCurdy and Jas Morrell about how tattoos act as an expression of self, and in turn serve as a crucial part of our identities.
"I was a different person now. I couldn’t go back to dresses, heels and lingerie."
“‘Would you and your wife like to start with something to drink?’ the waitress asked casually.”
Montreal was considered the seventh-deadliest place in the world for COVID-19 related deaths.
"Though I was half-Black, I was hellbent on being seen as fully white. Then, everything changed."
Female Democrats are likelier than female Republicans to feel a sense of unity with other women.
Georgia said that what she loves most about cooking is that “it’s a great way to express myself”.
The House just passed a bill in favor of creating a Smithsonian National Museum of the American Latino in Washington, D.C.
"I came off the show to find my inbox filled with people calling me the N-word... someone made an Instagram page comparing me to a black cow."
The husband-and-wife photographers want more girls to see themselves as regal.