identity politics

"There was no one, over the past two years, better positioned to combat those things than you, dude, and you were too cowardly and craven to do it."
Trump's racism helped elect him. But it shouldn't dictate Democrats' response.
Gender equality begins at home, and we have a blueprint for perfecting our household union.
So yes, I did vote with my vagina.
As the Democratic Party licks its wounds and lurches toward some kind of direction after the disaster of the Trump seizure
We need strong, brave men who are willing to do one of the most difficult things a person can do.
I’m jaded. There are moments when I just feel like screaming, but I sleep until noon instead. When I read something that
Image: Line art drawing of caribou, released into the public domain by its author, Pearson Scott Foresman, via Wikimedia
Intersectionality reminds us that discussing the needs of various groups is not about reducing people to demographics.
While I do not share his feelings about the Stones, I do find his sign reflective of my feelings about your party and some
She wrote off working people.
While I agree that people seeking national or statewide office must have a vision that will address and resonate with all constituencies, it is a misconception that identity politics is defeated or repudiated by this last election.
There is a new majority coalition in this country -- of minorities, women, immigrants, the young, LGBTQ people. It just didn't totally come together in 2016 because of all the dirty tricks.
The proper reaction to Trump's victory is not to fight him for the helm of a white America where concerns over race, sexuality, and other issues are banished to the back of the bus, it is to commit to defending the rights of everyone, especially those most threatened by hatred and prejudice.
When it comes to ginning up paranoid anger on the right, there is a difference between Rush Limbaugh and the average yahoo