Some daters are quick to assume moderates on dating apps are really just Republicans in disguise.
There's no such thing as a politically neutral schoolteacher.
Mark Conditt's past community college homework takes on new significance as officials search for a possible motive in the attacks.
2. Where have difficult or offensive relationships dis-empowered you into a victim role? Even the new physics tells us that
This was an election less about Democrat vs. Republican. It was more personal than that - more about the ruling class vs
Reports that Iraqi Baathists, Iranian elements, and others have played a role in the workings of ISIS do not appear to be in keeping with the principle of ideological purity on which the Islamic State says it is based.
I have been watching in utter amazement as I see CEOs and senior level executives posting political comments on Facebook and tweeting out their support for particular candidates in this year's election. But what has truly amazed me is the level of partisanship that is being posted in the public domain.
Our enemy's beliefs and connected actions threaten our safety and our way of life. Our failure to connect our beliefs to the higher purpose of constructive relationships blocks our attempts to respond with holistic, strategic action. It is time to Relationship-up!
This is our initial proposal for identifying the key elements necessary for an Inspirational Design Thinking method that
I realized that my first and most important citizenship and allegiance as a follower of Jesus Christ is to the Kingdom of