The alleged assailant killed Nash, a 3-year-old male dog.
OK, climate change, this really isn't cool anymore.  
"Am I concerned about the fate of winter in general and our world climate as a whole?" one musher said. "Absolutely."
Gold mine works in the hollow The tiny spring flowers are just beginning to bloom in deep carmine, fluorescent purple, forget
The president also exchanged Eskimo kisses with local educators.
Refusing to acknowledge that our planet is heating up and pretending not to understand the science doesn't stop it from happening. Every day our lawmakers waste by censoring climate change and throwing snowballs in the Senate will have consequences for our children and future generations to come. It's time to face the facts.
With the northern lights flickering overhead, a morning crowd still recovering, or yet to recover, from St. Patrick's Day celebrations the day before gave him a warm welcome as he notched Iditarod win number three.
Sec. John Kerry slams climate change deniers in government; More whistleblowers corroborate a Florida ban on 'climate change'; Solar energy is booming, in the good, non-explosive, jobs-creating kind of way
Brent Sass, the winner of last month's Yukon Quest, was disqualified from the Iditarod on Tuesday night for breaking a rule that prohibits mushers from having two-way communication devices.
The caravan of mushers who all made it to Fairbanks on Monday for the restart of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race praised the return of an unlikely character: winter.