Syrian government forces, backed by the Russian Air Force, have been intensifying their airstrikes on the country's rebel-held areas.
Ambulance and rescue teams rushed to the scene of the blast.
“His siblings are in disbelief over the loss of their baby brother."
Two-year-old Adnan went shopping with his mother in Idlib province when an airstrike killed him and at least ten others.
After being forced to flee eastern Aleppo in December, Wissam Zarqa moved to Idlib. Although the insurgent-held province
The Assad government has repeatedly denied using chemical weapons.
RAW’A (not her real name) was found dead after hanging herself in February last year in her bathroom in a village in northwestern
Dr. Abdel Hay Tennari said his patients’ symptoms were consistent with Sarin gas and the field hospital where he works has run out of the antidote.
Harout Akdedian, Central European University The U.S. has struck the Syrian airbase used to launch a suspected sarin gas
“Any data which the U.S. side or our colleagues from other countries might have had access to could not have been based on objective facts."
World leaders have condemned the Syrian government after a chemical weapons attack left at least 70 civilians dead. But Russia claims it’s rebels who are responsible.
The attack caused many people to choke or faint, and some had foam coming out of their mouths.