ikea monkey

Fall is still a little ways away, but it appears that fashionable coats for the colder climate are already in full effect
It was a cold day in December 2012 when Darwin the monkey was spotted wandering around a Toronto IKEA looking dapper in a
Thursday morning, however, the Press reported that the sanctuary withdrew its allegations in an effort to keep the trial
The monkey in the snowsuit has not been identified by species, but it could be a rhesus macaque monkey, native to Asia, which
Here's the original coat-wearing Ikea monkey, in case you missed it. Via Reddit Or whatever... our tattooed friends suggest
"There he is brushing his teeth. This is really making me crack up," he said between his laughs. Fellow "GMA" co-hosts started
Nakhuda, who said she had grown close to Darwin, said she had owned the monkey for five months. She said she was lent the
Someone now owns this masterpiece for $35, but here's how the artists pitched it: Know your meme... This 6" x 6" original
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A stylishly clad monkey in a diaper who made the rounds of a Toronto IKEA store attracted a lot of attention from shoppers and became a viral sensation.
The monkey's owners, who were shopping in the store at the time, eventually came out to claim their pet, but not before the