“It’s what we should do as Americans," said Rev. Dr. Chloe Breyer, executive director of the Interfaith Center of New York.
It's time for Americans to ditch the myth that they are part of the most competitive country in the world; they instead need to start to focus on developing ways to curtail the power of the huge special interest groups in the country.
So desperate and hungry were people for accessible fiction that "speaks their language," they turned a bastardized Twilight f**kfest fan-fiction turnip into a pop culture phenomenon. Imagine how well something as sexy as a contemporary Tropic of Cancer or Lolita would do in this day and age?
Bottom line -- learn -- learn from the greats. Don't fall into the conceit that the fabulous technology we have today has created a revolution in human behavior.
Can colleges and universities impact the cities and towns in which they are located in ways that reduce violence? Perhaps we should be held accountable for evaluating not only individual student learning outcomes or economic impact to our communities but whether and to what extent we contribute to a more humane world.
The story maker penetrates our skulls and seizes control of our cognitive and emotional machinery. Here are some examples of stories that have changed the world--in big ways and small, in good ways and bad.
To overcome our nightmares, we need to understand and confront the fear in the dream. The only antidote to deceptions being planted in our waking minds is to not accept them at face value.