illegal abortions

I don't want to make that choice for another woman and I don't want someone to make it for me. What I do want is more handholding, more support, more love, more compassion, more space for grief and anything and everything else that comes up.
As a young doctor, I removed a rubber catheter from the uterus of a woman with fever of 106 degrees. A dietitian in a nearby city had inserted the catheter through her cervix to induce an abortion.
I don't want a single other woman to have to endure what I went through -- both physically and emotionally. My story is only one of so many/too many of those days when abortion was illegal, and women lost their lives and their fertility. Let this not happen to our country again.
America is too big to wrap your brain around, at least all at once. So, apparently, is the GOP.
Near the end of the play the Grandmother dies on stage by dissembling herself -- she removes her hearing aid, her false teeth
As a teenager, I chose to become a mom. In November, I chose, with the same commitment, to march with other women to support the motion to decriminalize abortion. I want women to be able to seek help openly and without shame. The hypocrisy is killing us.
All four of the GOP presidential candidates who are still in the race have said that they would work to reverse Roe v. Wade
Protesters seemed to run rampant in the third week of November 2010, with ongoing massive demonstrations taking place not
For many Brazilian women facing the consequences of unintended pregnancy what appears to be a progressive environment is not always the reality.
Roe at 35 is in bad shape. But there are plenty of forward-looking, positive steps to be taken.
Those of us who recognize that the Colorado proposal is a Trojan horse brimming with all sorts of reproductive rights challenges should work to combat such measures, lest we lose control over our bodies.
The "anti-abortion" movement is silent about the newly revealed "pro-abortion" effects of their efforts.
Tony Kaye's abortion film Lake of Fire shows just how scared we are of women.
Will we reach a point that American women must resort once more to crossing the border to Mexico for essential health care and respect they can't get at home?