illegal butt injections

Women are so obsessed with achieving booty nirvana, they are going to extremes to achieve it. We've all seen the horrific stories of women dying after butt injections gone horribly wrong after administered by non-medical professionals.
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According to a new American Society of Plastic Surgeons report, plastic surgery is on the rise -- no ifs, ands, or butts
But for an alarming number of curve-craving residents, Miami's body ideal is anything but safe. Illegal butt injection procedures
Two months after a woman died after receiving butt-enhancement injections, police are ramping up their investigation of a West Miami-Dade strip mall beauty clinic.
A year later, a Hialeah couple was arrested for performing unlicensed butt injections out of their house with a substance
Last month, Smedley pleaded guilty to providing illegal silicone buttocks injections to women desiring larger posteriors
Another person charged in the case is ex-D.C. cop Martin Freeman, who allegedly gave security to Smedley while she injected