illegal guns

I feel as if I have a responsibility as an artist to bring awareness to harm caused by guns.
The devastating consequence of American racial bias is that, while the people who committed the horrific acts against police undoubtedly will be tried and convicted for their actions, the police who killed Alton Sterling and Philando Castile almost certainly will not be held accountable.
Even though more than 80 percent of Americans support this legislation, opponents have blocked these amendments. Their own plan on terror suspects and guns would have made it harder to stop the Orlando shooter.
"I think there are many gun laws that could make all of us safer, but realistically, I think we should just try to close the loophole in the existing background check law."
It's worth asking whether the assault weapons ban, which was in effect during the Columbine High School massacre, actually worked. Analysis of 108 shootings showed that the ban was successful, and such mass shootings have dramatically increased since the ban expired.
Hillary needs to make a gun control distinction with Bernie, because it is the only position on which she is to the left of him, albeit just barely. This may be a good strategy in a New York Democratic Primary, but it is a lousy general election strategy.
"A problem as serious and complicated as gun violence will always have multiple causes. One key cause is Americans' easy access to firearms without background checks that would keep firearms away from criminals and others."